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TinyMom, aka Judith Basya, is a Manhattan mother of two here to help you with life’s little and big problems. Maybe she hasn’t seen it all, but in her journey from dysfunctional childhood through scattershot adolescence into late-onset adulthood she’s seen a lot. And screwed up most of it. Her wisdom is borne of the many, many mistakes she has made and learned from. She also has parenting experience on both coasts, so in the arena of child-rearing philosophies she has seen it all. She’ll have to finish this later because one of her children is screaming.

Update: Eight months later and she’s finally finishing this. TinyMom/Basya now actually gets paid (in relative terms) for her advice on HeebMagazine.com: http://heebmagazine.com/author/judith-basya. She’s also Literary Editor there and believes that the two roles complement each other–finding structural problems in prose is not a whole lot different from pinpointing wayward turns in a life. If you’d like to know more, please email asktinymom@yahoo.com and she’ll get back to you late that night while her family is asleep.

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