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Parents Won’t Pay for Pill

Dear TinyMom,

I’m still on my parents’ health insurance for two more years, but they’ve decided they won’t allow me to get birth control through it anymore. They were fine about it last year when my boyfriend was Jewish (as we are), but the new one isn’t…. I promised them I won’t marry him but they won’t budge. I asked them if they were planning to vote for Santorum and they said this is different because I’m their daughter. I’m a grad student on a very tight budget. Any suggestions?

Thank you, A Normal Girl with Normal Needs

Dear Normal,

Can your parents actually stop you from using your insurance card? What if you told them the doctor prescribed the pill for PMS or acne? Your sex life is none of their business once you hit a certain age — you have the option of refusing to discuss it. Instead, the next time Mom or Dad reaches for a piece of cake or takes a deep, relaxing breath of air, remind them that food and air were given to us by god to serve specific, life-affirming functions and should not be abused.  Especially not by anyone who thinks sex outside of their own personal parameters is wrong for somebody else. Not that your parents will see the light, but you could make this point without sacrificing your privacy. If you do wind up paying out-of-pocket, consider it a necessary boundary, and when your parents want you to visit again ask them to pay for the gas.

Good luck, TinyMom

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TinyMom is Judith Basya, a petite writer whose ten- and seven-year-old daughters are within centimeters of being taller than her. When not driving them places or packing their lunches she writes book reviews and an advice column called "What's Wrong With You" for Though currently residing in Northern California, she's also lived in Manhattan and Southern California and proudly retains the lessons of both. Questions about this blog may be mailed to


One thought on “Parents Won’t Pay for Pill

  1. Here is a suggestion: try standing on your own two feet and paying for yourself (including your health insurance). But if you take the money you take the strings and shut up about it.

    Or perhaps the next time you go to a restaurant don’t be so demanding on getting the meal you ordered. After all, who the hell are you to make demands on the waiter, chef or busboy? you are just some walking wallet.

    Posted by Fred | March 29, 2012, 1:25 pm

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